Hey there! This is Manasa Rao.

I am a native Mangalorean and live with my family in Bangalore. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering with 15+ years of work experience as a senior technical analyst and counting.

My policy in life:

“Take each day as it comes & enjoy every moment!”

I am a fun-loving social person. Being a movie buff, my favourite time pass is watching movies and listening to music.

I love travelling and like meeting people and experiencing the local food and culture of different places.

I believe in the quote “You are always a student, never a Master. You have to keep moving forward“ and “Every day is a learning”. This is the reason I am here with this blogging site (my first one😊) as an initial step towards exploring the power of digital media. 

As a newbie in blogging, I have created this corner to use as a playground to apply the new skill I would be working on – Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing, being a vast field, I believe there are endless opportunities to imbibe. So, I am not restricting myself to the topic and would be writing about the newly acquired knowledge on this topic with the hope to make this small corner a knowledge-sharing platform.